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University of the Fraser Valley

About College

Established in 1974 and located in the beautiful Fraser Valley just east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is a fully accredited, 58-year-old public university that enrols approximately 15,000 students per year. UFV has campuses and locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope and Agassiz, and a growing presence in Asian market. Drive any direction and you are sure to find adventure.








  • Post Graduate/ Undergraduate/ Diploma/ Certificate
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Health Science
  • Faculty of Professional Studies
  • Faculty of Education, Community,
  • Human develop

English Requirement:

  • IELTS Academic: 6.5, No Band < 6.0
  • PTE Academic: 61, No Skill < 60
  • TOEFL: 88, No Skill < 20
  • Cambridge – CAE/CPE: Grade – A/C
  • CAEL: Band 70, No Skill < 60
  • Duolingo: 110 or higher
Program NameDurationIntakesFees Campus
Post-baccalaureate Programs  
Business Analytics post-baccalaureate diploma 2 yearsFall/WinterOpenAbbotsford
Data Analysis post-baccalaureate certificate 8-10 monthsSummer  Abbotsford
International Business post-baccalaureate diploma 2 years Fall/Winter OpenAbbotsford
Undergraduate Programs: Diplomas, and Certificates2 years   Abbotsford
Agriculture Technology diploma 2 years   Chilliwack
Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Horticulture major 4 yearsFall/Winter OpenAbbotsford & Chilliwack
Bachelor of Business Administration for Agriculture Management 4 yearsFall/Winter OpenAbbotsford & Chilliwack
Berry Production Essentials certificate 1 yearFall OpenChilliwack
Current Agricultural Practices Essentials certificate 1 yearFall OpenChilliwack
Field Vegetable Production Essentials certificate 1 yearFall Open 
Horticulture Crop Production and Protection certificate 1 yearFall Open 
Applied and Technical Studies   Open 
Electronics Technician certificate 2 yearsFall Open 
Automation and Robotics Technician diploma 2 yearsFall Open 
Digital Manufacturing diploma 2 yearsFall Open 
Arts and Social Sciences     
Associate degree of Arts 2 yearsFall/Sum/Win OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Arts 4 yearsFall/Sum/Win OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Arts in Adult Education 4 yearsFall/Sum/Win OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Arts in Global Development Studies  Fall/Sum/Win OpenAbbotsford
Indigenous Studies certificate 1 yearFall/Sum/Win OpenAbbotsford
Integrated Learning Design associate certificate 1 yearFall/Sum/Win OpenAbbotsford
Liberal Arts diploma 2 yearsFall/Sum/Win OpenAbbotsford
Aviation – Bachelor of Business Administration 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Aviation – Bachelor of Integrated Studies 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Aviation – Business Administration diploma 2 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Business Administration 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Business Administration in Trades Management 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Business Administration certificate 1.5 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Business Administration diploma 2 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Marketing and Sales certificate 1.5 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Child and Youth Care     
Bachelor of Arts in Child & Youth Care 4 yearsFall OpenAbbotsford
Early Childhood Education certificate 2 yearsFall OpenAbbotsford & Chilliwack
Computer Science     
Bachelor of Computer Information Systems 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Science in Computing Science 4 yaersFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Computer Information Systems diploma 2 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Computer Information Systems certificate 1 yearFall OpenAbbotsford
Library and Information Technology diploma 2-5 yearsFall OpenAbbotsford
Creative Arts     
Bachelor of Fine Arts 4 yearsFall/Winter OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Media Arts 4 yearsFall/Winter OpenAbbotsford
Graphic and Digital Design diploma 2 yearsFall/Winter OpenAbbotsford
Theatre diploma 2 yearsFall/Winter OpenAbbotsford
Visual Arts diploma2 yearsFall/Winter OpenAbbotsford
Criminal Justice     
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice 4 yearsFall OpenAbbotsford
Criminal Justice diploma 2 yearsFall OpenAbbotsford
Engineering Physics diploma in Mechatronics 2 yearsFall OpenAbbotsford
Engineering Transfer 1 yearFall OpenAbbotsford & Chilliwack
Health Science     
Bachelor of Kinesiology4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford & Chilliwack
Inter-disciplinary Studies     
Bachelor of Integrated Studies 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenMay vary 
General Studies diploma 2 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenMay vary 
Planning Geography, and Enviornmental Studies     
Bachelor of Environmental Studies4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Natural Sciences) 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Regional and Community Planning 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Geographic Information Systems certificate 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Associate of Science degree 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Science in Biology 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor of Science in Physics4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Bachelor degree in Kinesiology 4 yearsFall/Win/Sum OpenAbbotsford
Social Work     
Bachelor of Social Work 4 yearsFall OpenAbbotsford
School & Community Support Worker certificate 1 yearFall OpenAbbotsford
Social Service Worker diploma2 yearFall OpenAbbotsford
Social Service Worker, Indigenous focus diploma 2 yearFall OpenAbbotsford
Graduate Programs     
Graduate certificate in Child Life and Community Health 1 yearFall OpenAbbotsford
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice 20 monthsFall OpenAbbotsford
Master of Social Work2 yearFall OpenAbbotsford
Migration and Citizenship graduate diploma 1 yearFall OpenAbbotsford
Application Fees CAD 150     
UFV Brouchre     
Academic Programs   6.5  > 6.0   IELTS     
Qualifying Studies  6.5 > 5.5   IELTS     
PTE  Academic Programs    61  >  60     
PTE Qualifying Studies     61  >  58     
TOEFL  88 > 20