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How can you immigrate from
India to Canada?



 FSWP allows candidates with work experience and no connection to Canada or job offer to apply for permanent residence.

This program is for skilled workers who have foreign work experience, education, language skills and other human capital factors to become economically established in Canada.

What to do if you are eligible for the FSWP

After meeting the eligibility, you can create your Express Entry profile and upload the required documents.

Now, you have to wait till you receive a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on your human capital factors such as age, education, work experience, and official language ability among others.


The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is another considerable program for Indian immigration candidates.

Canada has 10 provinces and three territories, and most of these choose foreign skilled workers under PNP. Each province and territory is allowed to design their own program (PNP), according to their own population and economy, and demographic needs.

Through the PNP, provinces and territories can nominate skilled worker candidates for immigration to their respective jurisdictions.

Indian candidates may be able to apply to immigrate to Canada directly through a PNP. They may also enter the Express Entry pool and be invited to apply for nomination by a province that will select candidates from the federal pool. If they are nominated through an Express Entry-linked stream, they will receive an additional 600 CRS points. This means they are virtually guaranteed to receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence (ITA) in a subsequent Express Entry draw.


The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a program that offers a dedicated skilled worker pathway to temporary foreign workers and international graduates willing to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

The CEC has become one of Canada’s largest immigration pathways for skilled workers and is regarded as an overwhelming success by governments across Canada, communities, employers, and immigration candidates themselves.

What are the benefits of the CEC?

The CEC is part of a concerted effort by Canada’s federal and provincial governments to encourage more temporary foreign workers and international students to build their futures in Canada. According to IRCC statistics: skilled worker candidates have a major advantage integrating into the Canadian job market if they have previously lived in the country. The combination of having high human capital criteria (e.g., being young and middle-aged, having high levels of education, work experience, and education) plus building social and professional networks in Canada enables CEC immigrants to be very successful in the labour market.


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